Saturday, 8 March 2014

Spring forward

Fun time last night at Milestones for Karen's birthday.

Good friends, old and new.

I had my first Bellini! Peach flavoured magic.

Highly recommended.

So was the rest of the food.

I had no idea root vegetables could taste this good, in fact they were the best thing on the plate.

Yesterday's pictures today. It was plus 2!

This is part of the reason I didn't walk today.

This stuff just keeps thawing and freezing. It's less slippery with snow on it.

So today I opted for a new and exciting exercise option:

Harrison hated it when my brother vacuumed so I want to turn it into an event he gets a treat after. I don't think he was too traumatized even after my Homer Simpson scream when I eventually found the right button that turns it on.

And the new high-octane cat nip toy has been granted some very high status indeed. Harrison has a charming habit of sharing his food. Usually it's just his black string toy that gets put into the food dish when it is hungry but tonight the kitty frisby was carefully placed inside to partake instead.

Not sure it's as good at sharing space as Black String.

I really can't think of any other reason he puts some toys into his food dish. I've seen him do it and he's very very careful on how he places them.

In fact last week when he started on a new food he carefully placed the black string with one end in both bowls presumably to see which one it preferred. Luckily, just like Harrison it chose the new food. No word yet on which one the frisbee likes best.

BTW those Q-tips haven't been in anybody's ears. They are cat toys as well. Perfect for batting around.


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