Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Does whatever a spider can

Emily had big news today.

She got her ears pierced yesterday!

We had fun at Costco today. There's big time cousin fun happening this week!

Ava and Olivia's news is that they went up in a plane on Saturday. Olivia took pictures that we'll see another day and Ava got to fly the plane!

Twist cones. Woohoo!

Today's weather was awesome, tomorrow might be a little different.

Look who's peaking through.

I thought Harry would go for a big walk but he was too freaked out by the sound of water rushing through the downspout but we did have a porch sit.

Still seeing happy faces:

Speaking of happy, this squirrel climbed on this unconnected branch for no perceivable reason and did a huge dive into the snow.

Why not? Probably a good height to test twig strengths from.

Mild mannered squirrel up and down the tree right in front of me by day...

Whole nother guy on the way home.

Goodnight Peter Parker.

Fun dinner out with great friends tonight. I didn't take any pictures imagine! We clinked our glasses together remembering Grace. Miss that lady a lot.

Watching Survivor on demand with mom while she blogs. He watched almost the whole show.


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