Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mom holding Cooper

Today I did my laundry and worked on cleaning up my iPod. That meant finally looking at all the videos I took when Mom got to hold Cooper. You can see them when you click here.

It's not good quality video but it's precious.

I've shown the bit near the beginning before where I ask if her arm is getting tired but had never looked through the rest.

By this point in mom's life, just before her last Christmas she was totally confused and often very unresponsive.

Holding Cooper brought out the light in her eyes for a really long time.

She was perpetually surprised by the little bear on his sleeper but there was never a moment where we feared that she would drop or harm him.

I also found these pictures of my friends Grace and Sandra the year we all turned 50.

Grace is my high school friend that passed away this year. Wow kind of a sad blog tonight isn't it.

But it would be sadder not to stop and remember sometimes I think.

These high school friends are still very much up and running though one of them (name rhymes with Schmoody) will deny ever even having heard the word fifty much less turning it.



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