Friday, 22 July 2016


Yesterday Lizzy Heather Karen and I set out for a day of fun at wonderland. Cooper and Henry couldn't come because Cooper had a on and off fever. Not something you want to be outside with in this weather.

The rest of our awesome crew picked up Melissa in Toronto and we met in the picnic area at wonderland. 

Chasing the birds while we waited for our people. 

There they are!

They had my rollator in their van. 

A whole weekend ahead with Aunt Melissa is very special!

And mom's off work too!

Ava is catching up fast!

Got our tickets and headed in. 

I'm so proud of this group not just cause I love them dearly but look how they just kept smiling until karen wrangled Lizzy. A lesser group would have been looking all over but they just kept smiling!

Seeing how many rides she's tall enough for. 

Melissa brought a Go Pro camera that Emily is using here. 

And here's the picture. 

Lizzy's first ride. 

Emily had the go pro 

and I had my long lens. 

Karen welcomed the travelers in. 

Lizzy learned pretty fast to wave to the spectators. 

We were lucky to have Olivia with us as everyone but her was too tall to go on this ride with Lizzy. 

Lizzy loved this dinosaur. 

After meeting the dino we trundled over to the water park while Lizzy napped and that's where we'll take up the story next time.  

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