Monday, 25 July 2016

A summer of birthdays

We are having some landmark family birthdays this summer. My sister Anne and her husband Leonard are turning 65 and Karen's husband Mike is turning 50. 
Caleb is turning 16 but he's away at camp all summer so he'll be celebrated later on. 

I wanted the cake that Deborah ordered and picked up to celebrate the new things that happened for these three this year. Anne and Len went hot air ballooning and Mike is learning to sail!

The three birthday people got their own faces. 

Lots of family fun. 

Anne has lots of beautiful flowers. 

Rose mallow from Mary Lynn. 

We moved onto the porch to escape bugs, would have happily sat in the rain had such a thing happened. Although we all felt a few drops now and then. 

We filled in our contribution to Anne and Len's 65 years of memories jar. 

If you know Anne and Len and would like to contribute you can send me a private message and we'll add it to the jar that will be opened on August 5th which is Anne's birthday. Len's was July 13th. 

Heather had the idea and came up with some starters to jog your memories. 

Grandma took Lucky Dog for a walk. 

Lucky Dog had a short and sweet life. He passed away today at the hand of Lizzy who was trying to colour him with a pen. For the best really, he was never going to make it home on the plane to Scotland. 

Go to the rainbow bridge buddy you served well. 

Sharing cheesies 

Showing me her fancy toes. 

We may have lost Lucky Dog but we still have this wonderland doggy hat

A finch on the bird bath

A few of Anne's pictures from the last while:

Love the optical illusion when Lizzy walked toward the camera. 

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