Friday, 1 July 2016

Cherry picking day part 2 baseball and pool party

Meet Ethan...

and his sister Peyton. 

They are the cute as buttons first cousins to Ava and Olivia and Lorelai and Autumn who we will need to catch up with soon!

I am happy to welcome them to this blog :-)

Vivi should have played ball in the 40's as she can rock a gold skirt while playing a fierce game like no one's business!

I love how strong these young women are. 

Anne was actually on task. 

As were Vivi and Peyton from time to time. 

Some more cherry pickers arrived. 

At lunch I got a look at Ethan's eyes and I've never seen anything like them!

I asked his Mom Amanda what eye colour she would say he had and she said maybe hazel but they change from day to day. I just think they are very cool. 

Such a beauty:

We were off to our second party where I successfully...

fended off a frisbee without catching it. 

Pictures by my friend Pari. 

A big game of jackpot

Our gracious hostess Nicole. 

These are the boys you usually see in hockey gear!

A great day!

Just a few from today. 

Most of today's pictures were more like this:

Whatchu talking about Willis

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