Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Splash park fun

Had a trouble free cancer check up today. Yay! 

Cooper and Dana picked me up yesterday and we headed to new Hamburg for some fun. 

Looking a little like Prince George here:

Looking cuter than Prince George here. 

Lizzy do you want to play wiff me?

Lizzy is a bit like a butterfly, doesn't lite in one place long. 

We did a bit of a photo shoot for Logan's six month birthday. 

I did t keep up to all the play park activities but Emily did!

"Lizzy I am an expert slider!"

Coop was having so much fun with this that

The big noisy pail overflowing quite suddenly freaked him out a bit. 

Meanwhile back in the shade. 

Hello ladies!

Anne was brave with the big pail 5 times!

Time out for snacks. 

Off they go again!

It is possible to get cold in 32 degree weather. 


These two are hilarious together 

Anne thought her hair was messy but I had her totally beat. Don't really care. 

Meanwhile two years ago

Time for goodbyes 

Heading out again tomorrow!

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