Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Cooper takes a train ride II

Henry and Cooper had their annual train ride to Elmira today. 

Balloon monkey was a treasured companion. There was a man on the train making them. 

There was even time for a nap. 

The train station has upgraded a little since last year when it was only a step stool. Now there's a way to get to town. 

Lizzy and Logan were at the play park! I wasn't there but all the people there were great about sending me photos. 

Henry's practicing with Lizzy and Logan as he's flying home to Scotland with them for a holiday when they leave. 

Cooper gave his monkey to Lizzy (although he needed it back a few times) as the man on the train made him another on the way home. 

There's even a sign at the station now!

Emily and Lizzie had some Snapchat fun. I think Emily will have more pictures for us another day. 

On the train. 

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