Thursday, 14 July 2016


A lot more happened today than what I'm going to post tonight. We went to Victoria park and had a rocking good time eating at Moose Winoski's. 

All that another day. Although I will relent and give you one picture of Lizzy looking for a mouse. 

We had told her there would be a big moose and while she appreciated the great hulking creature standing beside her, and even tickled it with her feather, she continued to search for a mouse. Because moose is how you say mouse in Scotland. 

She does have a bit of a lilt to her language and I love listening to her talk but mostly she already just sounds like Lizzy and I'd love listening to her talk if she spoke Swahili and was assuring me that she was going to climb "one two three four trees" and that the rock she missed while trying to jump from the last one was "too apart." 

Anyway these pictures were today's bonus on top of an already great day. It poured torrentially while we were eating and the bigger cousins had already noticed on the way in that this stone area would be ripe for dancing after we ate. 

But now it had the added bonus of being ripe for splashing as well!

I get tired of people complaining that kids don't know how to play anymore. I know there's some truth to it but I don't think it's a lost art by any means as long as there are puddles and room to run and dance. So please enjoy play. 

It's my favourite when he runs with his arms straight behind him. 


All day the big kids had been faithfully following the little ones so Karen took a shift. 

They are still bonded from playing Tap the Frog during the bluejay game. 

Almost time to go

One more run

The "too apart" rocks. Didn't realize I'd caught the fall. 

A gentle unprompted enquiry from Cooper if he could hug Lizzy to help her feel better. 

And following us to the car to give one more hug goodbye. 

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