Monday, 11 July 2016

Strawberry Sunday & Vivi wins!

Vivi's team won their season end tournament!

I wasn't there but I totally feel like I was when I read the great recap Annette wrote:

"Vivi 's team won first place in their division on Sunday. 
What an exciting tournament. 
On Friday they played and got rained out with 10 minutes of the game left. They had to replay the whole game on Saturday morning, which they won.  They then won the next two games on Saturday. 

Sunday morning they played and the winner of that game went to the finals. The innings of that game went back and forth 2 runs purple, 2 runs red, so they went into the last inning needing to get 3 runs for the win.  They got the 2 runs in and by this time they had 2 outs. so it was Olivia's turn to bat, 2 outs and the winning run on third, no pressure right?!?!  Well she did it! she hit that girl home and they went to the finals!!!! 
The final game on Sunday was a tough one. This is how it went

Inning 1:
2 pink, 2 red
Inning 2:
2 pink, 3 red
Inning 3: 
6 pink, 3 red
Inning 4: (This was an open inning) 
7 or 8 pink, 18 red!!!!


We are all so proud!

Yesterday I took some strawberries over for the squirrels. 

Like the grapes the squirrels preffered nuts and seeds to fruit but I did get some fun strawberry interaction. 

She ate some

Then pretty much put it back. 

And went for the seeds. 

Bethany and Rubble will be credited for bringing the strawberries. 

This squirrel came and got a peanut then ran over to eat it in the shade over and over. 

No thanks. 

The drama is strong with this one. 

I'm thinking of carting over some water soon. Just not sure what to put it in. 

Looking forward to taking pictures of this rose bush in the first snow. 

Harry's new friend with a tiny laptop. 

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