Thursday, 7 July 2016

Lion Safari pt 4 - Elephants!

I don't know if you've noticed a distinct lack of pictures of squirrels here but they are kind of on their own in this hot weather. I may go over tomorrow and see what's up for a few minutes. I want to get back to my story book photos with the toys but that stuff takes hours and it's just too hot. We'll see. 

Anyway here's the final instalment of the lion safari pictures from Sunday. 

We finished playing at the splash pad and had a few peas to keep up our energy. 

Lizzy is a real little mountain goat. Has never met a pile of rocks she can't enjoy. 

Then we headed over to the elephants. 

It makes me a wee bit sad to see these magnificent creatures travelling in circles but they seem to be well cared for and were controlled entirely by voice commands. When the trainer wanted the elephant to stop for pictures all he did was say "steady" and she would stop. 

We weren't 100% thinking about riding plus the line up was really long. But it looked really neat. 

They had hay available all the time which resulted in the need for...

Some bucket holding. 

We moved on toward the elephant look out and saw these creatures along the way. 

For some of these pictures...

Like this one I was using a light meter on my iPod to tell me which manual settings to use. 

Back to regular auto. 

The look out was fun. The lion safari has 3 baby elephant right now. 

This little one is Gigi or Anna May

And here I think you're seeing Hannah resting in the shade of a mom or auntie or grandma who never stepped on her once. 

"I want to take the baby home."

Discussing the possibilities of that:

Anna May or Gigi sauntered over and played in the sprinkler for a while which you can see a bit better in the video. 

When we went back past the rides the line up was a lot shorter and Lizzy played happily while Heather decided. The ride is only once around but really it's the experience more than anything. Plus I told Heather she'd have a hundred pictures :-)

I was happy the decision was yes and they got in line to ride Jenny. 

So brave to be up on that big beast first all by herself!

If there's only two of you you ride with strangers but this lady and her little boy were nice. Still I'm glad Heather and Lizzy were in the front. 

A well deserved lemonade. 

We walked past the giant rabbits again. 

Time for a little goat petting. If ever there was an animal made for petting areas it is a goat. 

This goat nibbled on Lizzy's shirt a bit which was hilarious. 

Summer hair cut

A little more mountain goating and leaf gathering and we were off home after a grand day!

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