Monday, 4 July 2016

Lion safari part 2

Here are the rest of the drive through animal pictures with a few pictures of Sizzy in a safari jeep at the end. 

By now Lizzy was awake and enjoying the views. 

This Emu was a real character tapping away at windows suggesting that people ignore the rules and put some food in play. 

Seriously roll down your window!

We only saw one crazy family with all their windows down luckily for them it wasn't near this guy. 

Unbelievably prehistoric. 

This group very much favoured rocks. 

I love zebras. 

There was a lot of brown going on - assuming they're pretty young. 

Time for Lizzy and Biscuit to get out and explore. 

Checking out the toddler habitat. 

Lizzy loves a good vehicle. 

Lizzy was tall enough for the ball pit but not able to get by the tough mudder style entrance which is just as well as I don't think she could get out either. 

Headed for a train ride which is where we'll pick it up another time. 

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