Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A wonderful life!

Sometimes I can't believe how great life is!

Today one of our keyholders was kind enough to let me know some of the flowers at the main entrance were in their prime.

I left Harry on the porch and headed over.

I had the privilege of hanging with Cooper for a while today! He's become quite a mama's boy so we thought we'd try having him here just for an hour or so.

He wasn't thrilled but we had a pretty good half hour or so. Especially when I kept the technology coming! He matched my iPod!

Trying to find Emily:

The iPad's not mine so I was very careful!

Toopy is kinda psychedelic so...

Back safely in the arms of that super nice lady that feeds and loves and takes care of me. Nothing personal Aunt Ruth!

Dana and Cooper might've come swimming with us tonight but Dana had a meeting. Maybe next week!

Harrison needed attention too!

Swimming pictures tomorrow.

Cheesy baked dip:

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  1. Cooper has the privilege of having such a great Aunt!! What amazing pictures. I love the ones where you can see more flowers out of focus in the background