Thursday, 27 June 2013

Balloon Bash

Quite tired but very happy. Emily had a great end of school year party today. Caleb made himself scarce as there were 11 girls coming over!

I was chief water balloon blower up. My hands still smell like rubber!

I got such a kick out of the "combat" colours.

There were about 95 balloons in that basket and they were literally gone in one and a half minutes. So Karen and another mom that kindly stayed to help filled more.

I can't really post pictures of the kids other than Emily (which is too bad because the best pictures are the ones they took of themselves) but they all had a blast.


It was so cute. The girls either obliterated the balloons or carried them around like babies. That's what you do when you're 10 I guess. After they had pizza my job became to custom-make families.

Karen was smart enough to have a kiddie pool for the girls to warm up in. It was a great idea. Although a lot of balloon babies got stomped like grapes during swimming lessons!

Glad you had a great time Emily!

Whiskers made a brief appearance but for the most part he knew better than to be anywhere in the vicinity!

These kids deserve a good party. They were in the paper and on the news for raising money for charity instead of having a class trip. (Sorry that link won't work.)

Well they did have a class trip but it was only to walk to the library. Karen was on the trip and she said it was pretty funny.The librarian talked very veeeery slowly to them as if they were in kindergarten. But hey they had ice cream so that's got to count for something.

Kudos to their teacher for helping create people that will probably enjoy giving to those less fortunate.

I just thought this was neat:

Sometimes the dogs gotta win.


  1. Did you notice that lab just had knee surgery too?

  2. Did you notice that lab just had knee surgery too?

    1. That just makes it funnier that he needed to sit on the cat during recovery!