Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A lemon Square emergency!

Judging from the cat histrionics going on at my house right now there is currently another cat on our porch enjoying some cat nip. It means Harrison is running back and forth between our tiny rooms for a better view. Cat exercise win! Good thing because he still wasn't in the mood for a walk today. Apparently Harrison never signed up for a regular daily walk.

He did have some love to give Bea.

The sky was awesome today.

Tonight was rib night too bad they ran out of ribs almost right away so Caleb and Matt had to share the last portion. Too bad I don't know how to use the panorama feature of my iPod judging from the next two pictures:

I like them anyway.

Look I have eyes!

The next series of pictures are Caleb telling his lemon square story.

Last night Caleb took a plate of two lemon squares to his room for a bed time snack. He must have fallen asleep before he ate the second one. He figures that sometime during the night his hand must have flopped out and flipped the lemon square onto his pillow.

As a mother and a nurse Karen has dealt with lots of 5:30 AM emergencies. But I think a lemon square everywhere extravaganza is a first! Apparently it was a humongous mess!

The brave boy is willing to try again.

Swimming pictures tomorrow.

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