Thursday, 13 June 2013

Rain dance

First of all happy happy birthday to my sweet friend Bea. She turned 89 today!

Today's walk was perfect for both Harrison and me. First he ate some cat nip...

and hunted some porch Chippies

Then the clouds rolled in and so did Harry.

I love walking in the rain (all the way round again) in my new red rain coat. I may look a little um special but I don't care!

The cap keeps the rain out of my eyes and the coat keeps my cameras dry.

It's one thing to take pictures of flowers AFTER a rain. It's another to shoot during the rain.

Clouds can change the same picture in seconds. Not better or worse I don't think, just different:

Red TV Remote to the rescue!

Swimming pictures tomorrow for sure.


  1. White Mug. hahaha

  2. You should see these on my new computer - Wow - nice