Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Very fun day. My sister Anne took me to a dr's appointment then we shopped and hung out with my brother for a while at future shop and Business Depot. Electronics were purchased for someone other than myself - tee hee it's not my news to tell, and we headed up to Elmira to visit and check out the new trampoline!

I believe Mr. Whiskers was happy to see me.

There was lots of blurry fun! I will have to get up there again with the Canon Rebel to see if it can forgive the netting.

Whiskers rifled through my purse not sure what he was looking for

Then we had a delicious supper - thanks Karen - and afterwards we went through some of mom's stuff.

You know you gave a successful gift when the cover was loved right off.

Best of all Mom's babies Blue Eyes and Green Eyes got a new home where they will be loved by Anne and her awesome grandchildren.

In other news Cooper had his first swing ride!!!

He may have liked it!

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