Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Name Exchange

Once again Mr Sedate would not leave the porch so I went on my own.

Why would you leave your porch when you have your very own catnip plant? Thanks Auntie Anne and Deborah!

Lobster claws:

I have to say I'm pleased with the next two pictures and haven't fiddled with them in any way not even cropping.

A lot of my pictures are still dumb luck but I do have to say that I am starting to understand why people talk about light. It was exciting to leave my rollator behind for a little to go to where the best light and angle were calling me.

I thought maybe Harrison didn't walk because of the new harness so I tried the old one this evening but he didn't go an inch further so I gave him a new cat nip toy (thanks Aunt Karen) from the freezer and he did some great running around with it. It's so cute, he keeps his best toys under the tv stand. Sometimes all you see is his bum and tail as he rummages around for what he's looking for.

While I was walking I ran into some nice neighbors. One lady asked where the cat was. Then she asked what his name was again. I said Harrison, and when she looked a little bit puzzled I said like Harrison Ford! Then another neighbor who isn't deaf told me that she had asked what MY name was again. Oops! I'm still giggling about it.

Caleb and Emily had fun again last time they were here:

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