Sunday, 2 June 2013

Short walk

Quiet day compared to yesterday. Did laundry and then I got all geared up with my bug spray dispenser and this is how far we got:

To be fair it was the second day of the air show and a bit windy. But still yesterday he wanted to walk so badly. But he's a cat and they are not supposed to be easy to understand. To his immense credit he allowed me to put on the new harness again. If he continues to allow it I will feel a lot safer walking him because I don't think he can slip it when he gets panicked.

Still I walked a bit by myself and did my physio outside. I've got a muscle in my thigh that's complaining. Hoping it's just a little bit of something from all the walking yesterday. Maybe resting would've been the ticket.

Sometimes I get kind of sick of Facebook so I thought this was funny:

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