Friday, 14 June 2013

This and that

I was waiting for a delivery from the pharmacy so after the cat nip feast we skulked around the front entrance.

Where's Waldo:

There he is

The perennials...

are kicking the annual's butts this year.

Remind you of a Russian palace too?

Skulking on a porch that is not our own while the man with almost no English hollers down to us from his balcony: "HELLO. I'M SORRY. I LOVE YOU.

He is quite taken with Harrison but Harrison won't give him the time of day. He, not Harrison, once tried to kiss Dora's hand and very nearly lost some fingers but he remains ever optimistic.

Father's Day frogs:

Finally back on hometurf Chippie hunting:

A few pictures I missed from Coopers visit

Love how he just took Caleb's hand

Finally swimming! I don't even care if they are blurry not one little bit

How did Karen's bathing suit suddenly become red and her body disappear?

Such a beautiful girl

Rhubarb dream bars for tomorrow's picnic in Stratford. They are okay but desperately need ice cream. Scream for it as it were.

Today's inter-web gleanings:

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