Friday, 7 June 2013

A bugged out walk

Hurrah the boy stepped off the porch today!

But not before doing some CSI work as to who did this.

I think the culprit is clear these guys are over the place.

We even treed one under a car.

Everything was going fine on our walk until the cheap batteries on my mosquito repellent device quit. Then I began to hurry Harrison and that never works well. Ever.

There's always one more piece of underbrush or one dog pee coated post that he still needs to sniff.

I will carry extra batteries from now on.

He was pretty mad at me when we got home but it only took a few hours for him to forgive me and climb up for a cuddle and some bubblegum sniffing.

Later I went out for my own real walk and walked the equivalent of around my whole building counting what I had walked with Harrison earlier. Gosh those mosquitoes are aggressive the minute you start sweating.

When I got home I let Harrison go out for porch sit while I edited my article. I was sitting by the door watching him so that's how I know that basically this happened for most the time he was out there.

Got my article finished, 17 out of 52. I can't seem to get more than three per week done but I'm trying.

I promised you a swimming video and here it is.

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