Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The sniffy face

Only halfway around the building cause it's swim night!

It was such a nice cool perfect day that even Harrison had a nice walk. I didn't know why I got away with not having to go to our usual skulking spot till we got home and realized he had to go to the washroom. I'll take it. Glad he hasn't figured out that it's okay for cats to pee outside. Please don't tell him!

It's funny the part of the book I'm listening to comes back to me when I see the pictures I took then.

Awesome swim night with Dana and Cooper joining us.

Don't try to make me smile till I figure everything out!

There's a reason Dana's making this face, we'll see it later.

Such a smart idea to have a teething necklace for the mom!

He's got teeth top and bottom now!

Here we're starting to get the sniffy face...

New bathing suit! A little sad that he out grew his suit that matched Caleb's. Oh well we got this picture so we're good!

Bunnies hopping around outside!

Cooper was splashing up a storm. He got himself too!

He was pretty sure he wanted the camera

And finally as promised... The sniffy face!

Following in the footsteps of his cousin Annette!


Tonight Karen and the kids helped me dig out my bike. I have to give a nod to my physio guy, he was right I need to keep working on my knee bending before I can use the bike but maybe if I try doing a little every day or so my knee will start going over the top!

It's a good goal to aspire to.


  1. Beautiful pics

  2. not clear if there were real bunnies running around outside. ha