Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The bends

So the surgeon was really impressed with my mad knee bending skillz today. I walked a whole corridor with no cane or anything after my appointment. Not really sure why I did that, no one asked me to. Paying for it now.

Thanks to Anne for the drive and the fun day. We went back to her place for a delicious chicken lunch and a short garden visit. Short cause the skeeters were out big time!

That's a butterfly hotel in the picture above.

Always a pleasure to take pictures of Anne and Len's side steps.

Just a pity I didn't have my big camera for the beautiful yellow finches. Missed them altogether but I did get a hummingbird with my iPod!

Honest I did, look little closer:

I promise it's a bird and not a leaf!

Then we played with Anne's new fangled almost all in the monitor Windows 8 computer. As you can see took us a bit until we realized how we were taking pictures. You click the mouse anywhere.

Caleb was in the war of 1812 on a school trip today!

Tomorrow I'll be up in Elmira in preparation for end of school celebrations on Thursday! Yay! 🐌

This guy, unlike me, wasn't bothered by super moon mosquitos in Switzerland!


  1. This looks like a good day, indeed.
    I thought you must have been to Anne's when I saw she is
    added to our scrabble game.
    Glad to hear that your knee is coming along.