Monday, 3 June 2013

No title available in brain

Well got the new harness on again and made it a bit further - to our nearest storm drain!

Look who dropped in!

It was probably a good thing Harrison was already inside but if we're outside we'll just make a deal that Max will stay in the truck till Harrison can get inside and duck for cover. I love dogs and Harrison doesn't mind the little ones but he's not so keen on the big happy go lucky guys. It was hilarious again. Today Max did not touch Harrison's water but Harrison very pointedly did not drink any water until I washed both of his bowls and he inspected the water as I poured it in. And cats wonder why people call them finicky?

I love when Max sits on my feet pretty sure it's how he says that he likes you. Not really one to sit still for a picture though.

In this day and age of cute it is pretty unusual for me to be impressed by just a plain picture with no joke. Doesn't get much cuter than this:


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  1. I wish Harry could explain to our cats that dog dishes are gross, and not worth stealing from!