Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cat on a hot tin sidewalk

You win Harrison.

Today I had all my ducks in a row for our walk. I had batteries for the bug machine, it wasnt really super humid, I had a scarf for the sun...

and I was not in a hurry. Didnt matter, it was just too hot out there. Nature boy outlasted me because he was in his shady spot but I had no cover.

I believe I gave him a good three quarters of an hour of that while broiling under my scarf then I suggested it was time to head back.

This was not entertained with a positive attitude.

I am not pulling hard but oh I really want to.

Just when you think a cat cannot get any more histrionic you find out you are wrong.

It's that final foot up in the air that makes all the difference.

That my friend is some fine hyperbole.

Again not pulling hard but you'd never know it:

I'll show you for dressing me in pink.

But at least I'm in the shade at this point so I can amuse myself by taking pictures again.

For everyone of these:

There are three of these:

Not easy to focus on Iris's.

But it's worth it I think.

Once we get past a certain spot of no return we seem to trot on home nicely.

I left him on the porch to sulk which is where I think he will stay until fall. (As opposed to going on walks.)

These disgusting Despicable Me bugs can get off my porch. They don't look like deer tics that carry Lyme disease which are darker but I'm not taking any chances. That's another reason I don't want Harrison laying in the underbrush. A good friend of mine struggled with this disease for years and I want nothing to do with it.

That's not a funny way to end but stay away from underbrush and if you can't check your legs and arms, check everywhere actually especially where the sun don't shine and get on antibiotics right away if you are bitten. It's life and death but easily dealt with if you catch it immediately.

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