Saturday, 29 June 2013

Harry & Augie & Graycee oh my

Harry had a hard day. Last night I noticed his jaw was swollen and there was a sore so Henry and Graycee took us to the vet today. The vet's not sure what caused it but she said that Harrison had an abscess on his cheek. She lanced it and gave him a shot that will release antibiotics for two weeks.

Dana works at this clinic so everyone knew and was happy to see Graycee!

The vet didn't know what caused the abscess it's usually a bite from another animal. But unless a chippie got very aggressive in a 5 minute period I wasn't watching I'm don't know.

I won't show you the wounds cause they look even worse than they are but Harry's been good about keeping them clean and hasn't needed a cone of shame. Good boy.

I had the privilege of visiting Augie doggie today!

I love the one tooth in one tooth out,

little dot behind his ear,

and Man of Steel tail.

My friend Kathy and her sweet baby:

& (Thanks to Emily for a lot of the funnies here lately)

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