Friday, 27 December 2013

Elf help

I promised you more elf pictures but I'd really love it if you'd click here to see them instead.

I can't stop watching it.

Good news! Harrison found his present! All of a sudden it was in the middle of the living room floor.

No idea how it fell out of the bag or where he had it stored before. All I know is that I now have the front of my fridge blocked off so we don't lose it immediately. A new fridge wherein the stuff at the front doesn't seem that cold but the stuff at the back freezes solid. In the non freezer. Sigh.

Anyway this was premium Elmira catnip and caused a great flurry of fetching as you can see here.

I didn't brave the outside for walking today. When I can't see the ground it's just too dangerous. So between batches of non chocolate Christmas treats for friends who are weird I got on the treadmill. Works a treat to tell myself I'm only doing 6 minutes but do that 3 times. Shhh don't tell my knees, they haven't quite figured it out yet.


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