Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Saturday

Today my brother Jim helped me get some food for my new fridge and freaked Harry out by vacuuming. That's going to be a big breach of trust with Harrison if my back gets strong enough to do that.

Then I did exciting stuff like laundry and rewarded myself by making a little video of Cooper bashing his birthday cake. You can see it here.

Meanwhile Henry and Cooper checked out the library today.

Henry said he had to be fast to get this picture with the book but it's the experience that matters.

I wonder how many actual books will be around as Cooper grows up. I find it a lot easier on my eyes to read on devices but I use the library more than ever in e form.

Also tonight this toffee happened:

And I think Harry and I nailed our Christmas card photo, the funny one anyway. I cannot believe how easy going he is. Well, when he's not chewing on my iPod cord or fleeing the vacuum.

Just in case you forget what he looks like :)

It's an icy night out there so I went out for some pictures because by the time I get up tomorrow you all will have posted lovely pictures of filigreed, lacy ice and all I'll see is wet.


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