Thursday, 12 December 2013


Or Happy Birthday with a d :) you choose. You're wonderful either way!

click here to read the winner of the writing contest - Pig (For Oma) by Alix Hawley.

I sure don't feel bad to lose to an author who has studied writing at three universities including Oxford. I certainly could have hammed it up a bit more (pun intended) that's for sure, but that wouldn't have been true to my family especially my mother who hated even the slightest exaggeration. "You have NOT done that a million times."

We'll see if I feel motivated to enter more contests!

I have left blogging too late, past the point of tired. Past few days have been a mix of sadness and awesome as I've been up in Elmira till now with these folk:

Best place I could have been.

You'll maybe notice a change of blog name and profile picture. May still change, we'll see.



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