Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Today's adventure

Today it occurred to me to see if I could get to the path in the woods that I see every day.

I did it!

My little friends were out today.

When I got to the entrance of the park I realized that although the path is beautifully wide and accessible the way in is steep!

Much steeper than this picture can show.

Nailed it! I was a little curious as to how I would leave but I'd deal with that later.

I can't wait to come back in other seasons.

The woods are in desperate need of a person like my dad who would have helped these trees out (literally) before this stuff happened.

Camouflage for real.

This guy stood there for the longest time as if he were listening to a national anthem.

This chappy I recognized from our side of the fence because of his tail.

I bet this guy's house is spotless or he just really really needs to get out of the house. (He was on the roof.)

Crocodile love?

My first Cardinal around here!

These bird pictures are actually after I rammed up the hill. I took a video while I did it but it looked perfectly flat.

The birds are at the feeders not in the woods. I wish we were allowed to have bird feeders. But I suppose Harrison would just get pecked as well as bitten by chippies.

These grass photos were actually my favorite pictures of the day. I can't wait to go back on a sunny day at sunset. Hopefully nobody calls the police as I sit in front of their house to take these pictures!

Who knew Harry was ready for a big walk too?

Harrison yelled at the snow when it turned up in spots he wanted to walk in.

We saw the woods from our usual side too.


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  1. Thanks for the cardinal pics, they don't have cardinals in England. BTW Leah saw a deer in that Bush.