Friday, 6 December 2013

Best laid plans of mice and... cats?

Yeah so I was going to show you the dazzling nail polish leash Emily and I made for Harrison in action today. However for someone who prides themselves in training cats a little I made a glaring mistake.

No he didn't mind the smell (or the pinkness Maureen) he minded the red shoelace I also attached to the leash.

The reason I did that is that twice we have almost taken out some old men riding bikes on the sidewalk. They can't see the string and if Harry and I are on opposite sides of the sidewalk it's very dangerous.

It was pretty funny. Harry could hardly walk at all with the string waving merrily in the breeze. The few feet he walked on the porch were commando belly so I quickly took mercy on him and took him inside.

Tomorrow we will try this:

Hopefully not as scary and it's also further away from him on the leash.

Earlier I thought Susan and I took time off our record for going around all three buildings on our Friday walk but then I realized we didn't go around the bottom of ours but we still rocked it! Also it's not a race (she tells herself). It's just nice to walk with someone who doesn't park themselves in a bush for 20 minutes at a time to watch squirrels, not that I mind if she did :)

It's been so gray that I started looking at my niece's Florida pictures. I LOVE these flamingo pictures and spent a pleasant evening making this little video.

Walk this way or walk like an Egyptian would have made better music than my second attempt at GarageBand but it was fun trying.

Only in Florida!

Luckily Harrison didn't hold a grudge from the scary walk.


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