Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Bowling for icicles

Pool was closed so we went bowling. Well I can't bowl because of my arms and shoulders but I had lots of fun taking pictures.

Caleb was on fire.

Karen not so much. But she got hot in the 9th frame.

We were glad to have Caleb's friend with us. Adam got a strike and tons of spares.

Emily did great and provided lots of action shots.


So. I got a new hat, two really but that big reveal will have to come on a slower news day. Here's a sneak peak.

Bunny house party room:

There's nothing special about this next picture except this squirrel had just jumped from the roof directly to there.

I was hunting icicles today.

My favorite Charlie Brown tree.

Can't go off road anymore till the next thaw.

Apparently I don't walk very straight. Looks like I still put more weight on my left knee and lean harder on the right. Interesting. Who knew snow could be a physio aid?

Spiderweb icicles?


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