Thursday, 5 December 2013

Nail polish fun

Today was gray but still pretty warm.

Curiosity about the rose sisters got me around the building on the day after swimming.

Still there.

Tonight I had one of my favorite visitors.

She painted my toes and then we took the nail polish and got creative.

After this happened right through onto the arm of my chair we worked directly from the bottle.

You'll see what I painted tomorrow. It's a surprise.

We also made this:

Not sure what the youth of today have against using dark human sized fonts. Get off my lawn you whippersnappers!

I just made it all at once and froze it right away. Out of sight out of mind. Only used about three quarters of the can of condensed milk. Wouldn't do to completely follow a recipe.

Still working on desensitizing the Christmas cat decoration.

That's relaxed yawn.

Only fair.

He's getting pretty used to the big camera too. Proof that I've never used a flash on him:


Picture from Cynthia Yildirim's blog.

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