Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Max in the snow!

Awesome day with my sister in law Mary and later my brother Al. And of course my buddy Max!

Take my hand and come along with me now on a journey where we pretend I didn't accidentally leave my camera on manual and totally meant to have this effect in the following pictures.

You gotta admit it was a joyful trip! The boy loves snow.

My all time favourite shed. Lovingly handcrafted by their oldest son:

My dad was so proud.

The two boys still at home:

Al and Mary took me to my eye appointment which was a perfect check up then we headed for some Sushi!

These fried mushrooms were a revelation!

A Christmas miracle! Well, that may be over stating it a tad but they were really good.

At some point we turned the corner from really happy to why did we order more to what have we done?! It finally stopped and we escaped with our lives. I'm not sure I really learned any lesson though because I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Mary proved once again that you don't have to eat one single smidgen of raw fish to enjoy dinner at Sushi 99 and I was really happy later when Henry asked me if I wanted to go to the gym!

Six minutes on the bike tonight when a few months ago my knee would not have even gone around once. It is not an elegant procedure to get my right foot into the holster but I managed.

Anyway thanks for a great day Mary and Al and Henry!

By the way I didn't make the 20 finalists of the family history writing story. I'm ok with that, it was a really neat family experience to put our memories (older folks) and remedial grammatical helping skills (younger folks) to work.

Here's my story if you haven't seen it.

Here's a link to the top twenty.

Congratulations to them all! I'm a little sad that the one I read about an immigrant family that celebrated important occasions in their new lives by eating KFC and carefully wiped the lemony flavour enhancing packets onto the chicken until years later when they finally saw some people cleaning their hands with them, didn't make it.


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