Monday, 2 December 2013

Too tired to title yet again

Just sent off my story about my family. If it passes moderation I'll post a link to it. Here's the picture I sent along with it:

I wasn't born till they returned from the wilderness :) spoiler alert, the only wilderness they saw was Florida.

While I was desperately searching for that picture I ran across these:

The many faces of Emily:

That last one is Queen Victoria I think.

Gilda still helping out in route OR camera is still helping aunt Ruth. CALEB is still helping and Ruth to this day. Close enough Siri. Close enough.

He's not driving just yet.

Not so sunny out today but I had a great time at church and shopping with my friend.

For one moment I thought we lost one of the Rosencrantz sisters:

I was even looking for her on the ground to take home but it was just an illusion.

Sometimes loving my older friends that live here is a little dangerous. But like these roses they're beautiful for however long they last and some of them will probably outlive me.

I put down some unused kitty litter when I thought it was going to get icy in the gulley of my lawn. Um yeah, what a mess.


Very pointedly cleaning his paws a lot.

Dumpster diving for the last of the catnip.


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