Monday, 23 December 2013

Still standing

First things first, the rose sisters are hanging in there!

They are frozen solid and bent over to about four inches above the ground but they're there. How long is in question because they are now right at bunny munching level a few feet away from the rabbit party area just to add a bit of drama.

I will need to show you today's ice pictures tomorrow because I left it too late. I shot in RAW format as well as JPG today so I want to see if I can make any sense of that in a program called Lightroom tomorrow.

Let's just say that when I started out on my walk it was cloudy and then the sun came out and hit the ice on the trees so I took one or two pictures :)

Some of my best people dropped in with presents for Harry and me.

And Harry and I continued our Christmas card photo shoots which I suppose I better get a move on with eh what!

If you're feeling sorry for him don't worry he gets me back.


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