Saturday, 7 December 2013

Pictures of love

Today's Internet find gets top billing!

It was a good day to try out a new video app called Flipagram sent to my notice by my niece Melissa. It's meant to put your Instagram pictures (or anything on your phone) to music and it's a good easy way to do that. There's no chance of boring people with your trip pictures because there's not a lot of control over how long your picture show.

I used an album of some of my all time favorite pictures I happened to have on my iPod.

click here to see it.

The song is Love from Mike Mains and The Branches.

Here are a few pictures I missed:

Well I'm going to have to start walking in the mornings if I want to see any sun I think. Yeah that's not going to happen. But I did chase down a few odd patches of blue today.

If I stood at juuuuust the right spot I caught a little sun beam.

I was really surprised that Harrison went for a little jaunt considering there was snow and how cold it was.

We're toughening up I guess.

The red and orange leash markers were successfully integrated into the leash and hopefully will help prevent further close calls with bikers.


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