Wednesday, 25 December 2013


So this gift happened today.

Many more pictures tomorrow!

What a fortunate person I am.

This morning I woke up to enthusiastic face time with Emily. She got a Kobo! I was able to open my special gift from her with her.

Never giving up
The best Aunt ever

Really nice
Harrison's Mom

But that's not all!
(She made this bag!)

The rest of the gifts were awesome too.

A game where you make up stories!

And a cookbook to share with Karen by our favorite food blogger!

Here's an example of me not following directions again.

My very own Pinterest fail. Yay!

Turns out these caramels are too soft. You should use Rolos or kraft caramels cause they're harder toffee. Tasted good though.

Here's the toffee recipe, handily downloaded from the family recipe collection my niece Melissa lovingly put together for us. I used pecans and white and semi sweet chocolate this time.

Night, a few pictures leftover from our card yesterday. Thanks for your kind words about it :)


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