Thursday, 19 December 2013

Cheeky squirrel

The new fridge delivery men cameth. Hurray!

Harry says hurray too because he is now 6 almost new cat nip toys richer. Three I had to throw out - pretty sure they had only Qwinnie and Bella, (my previous cats) DNA.

It was almost balmy out today!

This is Red:

She was a little shy...


but after she checked me out

she put me in my place:

Then she resumed eating maple keys.

We played a game of mother may I. I'd move a few feet closer and she'd keep the exact same distance between us. Not an easy job for the camera to focus through all those twigs.

It's kinda nice to know the squirrels don't just eat handouts.

Eventually I was dismissed.

The red, formerly known as yellow, berries are hanging in there.

Love this tree:

Not showing many Harry pictures cause he's posing for his Christmas card these days. Poor guy thinks putting on his red bell collar is part of going outside now.

Love my spike plant right now!


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