Sunday, 6 August 2017

Health update

Not a great deal to tell but I finally have an August date for my CT scan. Someone dropped the ball and didn't tell me about the one that was scheduled in July. Inter hospital communication is a little like using tin cans and string but things are back on track now thanks to my family doctor. 

Anyway I already know that I have to have another surgery, I just don't know when. Hopefully a slightly different place (same vulvectomy ballpark) will mean faster healing next time. 

My wound has officially closed now but I still hurt. Also my back has decided to go out a little, probably because I can't move and swim like I'd like to. 

Well this is a  very fine pity party. I am healing, just very slowly, and I did go outside for a little tonight. And hey, I just realized that now that the wound is closed there's no reason I couldn't go to the pool for some (very) gentle exercise! Woot!

Maybe tomorrow I'll don all my bug gear and see what's up in the gazebo area. 

Speaking of that, here's what they wrote in the newsletter along with one of my bluejay pictures:

No matter what happens I feel listened to and heard and appreciated. 

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