Monday, 28 August 2017

Fun Aboard the Waterloo Central Railway!

This August we had an outstanding train experience aboard the Waterloo Central Railway. Everyone from ages 18 months to mid sixties had a fantastic time.

We met the train at the St Jacob's market station. Most of us had acquired tickets ahead of time (a good idea in case the train would have been fully booked) but it was not problem to buy them at the little station too.

We could even have bought our tickets with our smart phones as we boarded the train. A modern way to enjoy history!

Here it comes!

I can't say enough about the warm, friendly, helpful volunteers that made our experience such a good one!

Away we go!

Cooper and Grandpa are experienced train riders...

but that didn't make it any less exciting!

This was Lizzy's first time on the Waterloo Railway.

So she was very excited.

The scenery was awesome. You felt like you'd entered a whole different world.

Little Logan learned to say Choo Choo!

And kept a close eye out for Moo cows and tractors all along the way.

This is the school I attended as a child. I'd often seen the trains from the other point of view so it was neat to see this!

Hi Cooper!

I loved waving to people as we went over a bridge!

Still on the look out for cows!

We were thrilled to be able to visit a train museum car that was attached to the train!

Cooper knew he wasn't really driving the train but he was so happy to be able to try out the kind of controls that do drive it.

We learned a lot from our conductor along the way too.


Don't worry Heather always had a firm grip on the boy.

There are lots of different kinds of themes for the train, but we were careful to book a Twister Tuesday when we knew Drew would be on board making balloon art!

Cooper and Lizzy both asked for swords but the sky was the limit for Drew's creativity!

Building Logan's puppy.




Maybe this time it will taste good.

Still nope.

Uh oh.

Lizzy is on her way!

My cutie pie seat mate.




And an airplane.

It felt kind of powerful to stop traffic!

Back across the bridge.

Same people waving!

A few more scenes and we're back to the station.

Thanks guys!

Everyone had a fantastic time and most were asleep before we pulled out of the parking lot.

I haven't even touched on all the fun themes that the Waterloo Central Railway offers. We did a round trip, up to Elmira and straight back, but you can also get off the train in different little towns, explore and take a later train back! There are also special steam engine runs!

The trains run till the the end of October but there's a special Christmas run as well as a Harry Potter theme!

I highly recommend that you don't miss out on the fun!

Check it out here:

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