Saturday, 12 August 2017

Timeless Cafe

This old steak house sign is a blast from the past eh? It's in the barnyard of a cool little group of local businesses in Waterloo.

I was at the Timeless Cafe and Bakery today for a fun wedding shower for a friend.

I think the business in the barn is reclaimed materials

Melanie brought beautiful centerpieces.

I have a link at the bottom of this post so you can read the menu.

I had the cod burger...

but probably should have ordered the chicken despite the blueberry.

I bet this place is magic at night!

I had the macaroon...

but should have had the gluten free brownie :-)

It was a really fun experience but I don't feel like I need to go again like I do with the Cork and Fork in Kitchener.

Pictures from around here this week:

Have been seeing quite a few more Hummingbirds this week! Focus is the challenge.

Don't like the weather lately? Just wait 30 seconds.

Today you could look one direction and see this much blue and it'd be pouring at the same time.

Right now friends are loaning me a wider angle lens. So fun! Best part is that you can override the auto focus really quickly. A good tool with hummingbirds. Still have a way to go to be happy with my hummingbird pictures so I'm glad to be seeing more of them.

Here's the Timeless Cafe info:


  1. Because of the sunshine and rain that came simultaneously I am wondering if you saw any rainbows? Because I'm on the opposite side of the building I didn't, unfortunately.

  2. No I didn't which was surprising because a lot of the time there was more blue sky than gray!