Saturday, 5 August 2017

A bonus day

Today was our last day with Heather and the kids as they are flying home tomorrow. But it felt like a real gift because it hadn't been planned in advance. Lots more pictures another time.

These two are so funny together. Very serious fun.

Nothing very serious about this sweet boy. 

He's just so sweet and gentle and kind. Just like his great uncle Henry

Who got in some hot water here. Probably more likely cold actually.

Karen's cat Whiskers is at camp Uncle Henry's right now so he attended the party.

Aunt Deborah

It was neat to be able to celebrate with Anne on her actual birthday! Her immediate clan celebrated with a trip to the Children's museum yesterday and today she brought leftover cupcakes that she decorated with edible nasturtium flowers.

Cupcake cheers!

Good bye for now, we love you!

Winner of the evening poker game :-)

We've noticed quite a resemblance between Logan and my brother Jim.

In Henry and Marcia's beautiful garden:

A giant swallowtail let me follow it around

And posed prettily for a long time

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  1. And you didn't have to go to the Butterfly Conservatory to see it.