Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tilly and big bird news

We have a lot of great pictures to look at today so let's get at it! First more Tilly pictures as promised.

Tilly would run out of the room on a tear like a cat having a fit of exercise and race over to me, stop for a split second, and race away again. It's a wonder all my pictures weren't blurry.

Zee came over to see if Tilly could come out to play.

But Tilly informed her she was in the middle of a photo shoot.

I put my best socks on because I knew they might get into pictures. My friend Kathy knit these!

After dinner Tilly set about making friends.

We took our leave because Tilly was almost asleep on her feet. Unless someone had pulled out some food. In which case she would've perked right back up!

I have a lot more great pictures of Caleb and Emily from yesterday that I'll post another day.

The flowers were particularly gregarious today in the full on sun.

My big bird news is that they've put up two bird and squirrel feeding stations in the bug garden! Woo hoo! Makes me so darn happy.

Bit of a thunder dome fight for supremacy going on but that's okay.

These trees are at the fireworks in daylight stage:

They are HAPPY!

So are these tulips.

Didn't notice these trilliums last year.

Bumper crop of dandelions this year.

You can pretty much tell I'm walking Harrison when there are a lot of pictures of dandelions. It was one of those rare days when it was not too hot and buggy for me and not too cold for Harry

This Cousin It guy was my favourite:


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