Monday, 25 May 2015

Toga kids meet Tilly

I think we'll give the be-toga'd adults a break and stick to mostly kids from the party yesterday for the blog.

However, I can't not show how lovely our hostess, Henry's daughter Dana looked.

And Deborah wins for best reuse of a bridesmaid dress and looked smashing.

Karen and Caleb were pretty styling too!

Proof that Emily would look good in a flour sack or in this case, a table cloth.

Melissa and Olivia made yummy Italian flag strawberries!

And Ava worked hard making red white and green drinks!

Cooper helped with the cake.

Especially eating the chocolate part!

Caleb is catching up to Al and Mary's Erik who is 6'4!

And has a very serious thinking pose.

We interrupted the Dutch Blitz game...

To go visit my friend Susan...

aaaaand Tilly!

So much fun!

Back to business:

Time to burst the balloons.

"Time to go."

Today after camera club Alice and I were so inspired that we headed right out to take pictures.

It was really windy which I appreciate because it keeps the bugs away.

It was fun to hear Alice yelling at the wind and for the plants to hold still as she tried out her macro mode :-)


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