Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Toronto fun part 3

After our picnic we headed out on a walk over to Allan Gardens Conservatory.

But first we stopped to smell the tulips in Melissa's front yard.

Olivia was showing me an interestingly coloured one.

Have I mentioned how much I love how the older kids love the little ones?

Cooper was not sure he needed to hold hands to cross the busy road...

so everyone just grabbed each other's hands to demonstrate and carried on.

My brother Al will be itching to head over and help with this lawn. The grass was green everywhere but right here out front.

Any pictures taken in this place were taken in a few seconds because I pretty much blocked all the paths when I stopped.

There was a bit more room around this pond but it was a popular place for people to take pictures.


We thought this plant looked like peppers.

Favourite table ever:

Sadly I was just too hot to make it over to the cactus house and kid's garden which I'm hoping are separate places. Another time I'll start there.

Next up we headed out to the playground so stay tuned!

Today was an absolutely stunning day. Cool and sunny.

We have officially moved into the meadow/gone to seed stage with our lawn which I wouldn't mind except for the whole allergy and tick deal.


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