Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mini toddler roundup & lots of parrots

Today's tulips stars were the parrot tulips from across the road.

But let's start at the beginning. With some pictures I forgot from yesterday. I kind of love this picture:

Harry was right yesterday it did snow today - blossoms that is. These babies are just starting out though.

Very nice out today. Cooper and Rebekah (with Lola) were enjoying the nice weather as was Lizzy in Scotland a few weeks ago.

And Lorelai is just plain cuter than ever.

Apparently we're going rustic this summer and not mowing the lawn.

Across the way;

True confession while I was standing up taking those last two pictures my rollator almost rolled back into traffic without me. I caught it just in time. Put the brakes on Gladys.

I complain about a few of the scooter drivers around here that have nearly run Harry and me over then I almost cause an accident myself. Lesson learned.

There are a lot of these parrot tulip pictures. Some of them pretty similar. They're my favourite showy flower and as I've said before this blog is a way to share but also a way to back up my pictures. Thanks for your patience.


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