Friday, 1 May 2015

That new tree smell

If I ever did a book of photos I'd call it something like 360 after walking around the same building every day. I'm seldom bored. All it takes is squirrels and a few new dandelions in the sun to amuse me.

Not quite as pretty, must be getting ready to change.

First to come up but not open yet.

Don't hear any chirping yet. Not sure if I missed it.

It was the camera's idea to make this guy float.

Early lilacs. I like how the bricks added a vignette effect.

And how the leaves look like roses at this stage.

I want you to know that the following is literally a fifth of the pictures I took of Harrison under his favourite little tree. It will give you an idea of how long we were there.

I love the boy but not enough to install pine scented air fresheners. I think being able to sit that long speaks to the fact that I'm not in a lot of pain anymore. Almost scared to say that out loud but it's true.


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