Saturday, 23 May 2015

A singer A dancer and a covered bridge

It was a very full day of music and dance today! Emily danced as a wolf in a production of Beauty and the Beast. And Anne sang with The Nith Valley Singers. It was leader Alfred Kunz's last concert and so quite special.

But first Anne took me to Red Lobster for lunch and then we took a little country tour while we waited for Emily's play to begin.

Winterbourne is a special town in our lives as some really great people called the Kechnies lived there in our youth.

We played many a baseball game here:

And their home was always open to us and hundreds, maybe thousands of youth over the years.

The Kechnies don't live there anymore but a piece of our hearts always will.

Next we tried to find the West Montrose covered bridge. I grew up in this area but have been there exactly once that I can remember which is a shame because it's beautiful.

I know. I know. It's wrong to take pictures of Mennonite kiddos but almost can't be helped when there's a pony and a covered bridge going on :-)

Anyway! Emily's senior jazz dance class were the wolves in Beauty and the Beast. They always seem to play the villains cause they're older which is fine except that means super low light. Pitch dark actually for a lot of it so I had to depend on video. So no pictures from the play. There'll be video another day and maybe I can get some pictures out of there. But it was really cool and Emily got to bite the beast which I say constitutes an acting part.

We were on PEI when the casting was done for the other parts but I can totally see Emily in speaking and singing parts too! I would make sure she'd SPEAK UP MABEL! I don't think some of the kids have an Aunt Ruth to coach that :-) but other than my impending deafness, and you know, the darkness, it was all great!

Emily and another girl got to do this kick in the play! A lot of hard work has gone into this!

Karen and I hurried off to see Anne sing but Mike and Caleb came to the evening performance where I'm sure Emily shone again! Caleb took some pictures for me.

Great job Emily!

There will be lots of video of Anne singing another day too but here are a few pictures:

Tough light as well but when I dared take the camera out of automatic I had better success.

Proud of you too Anne!

I love that karen and I are doing something different with our mouths in both pictures.


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