Monday, 4 May 2015

Poutine Koi Radiation & Magnolias oh my

Quite a day! Karen and I went out for lunch. We shared wings and Carolina sweet potato pulled pork poutine.

It was fun to catch up about her singing weekend!

Then we headed to Grand Valley Garden Village. In the past we have always just picked out our annuals outside and headed home. Today it was raining so we went in.

They have some pretty awesome koi ponds.

They have big bins with fish you can buy. The bin fish were camera shy.

But I kind of like the effect anyway.

This size cost $149 each.

I like the colourful ones but I think this one is what cars of the future should be designed around.

And this guy needs a coffee!

This was my favourite customer service consultant.

His name is Smoky. He was very friendly and kept trying to high 5 me but I didn't realize that till after we left.

He was a little a great ambassador but should maybe work a bit more on his back room responsibilities because Karen saw a chippy raiding the sunflower seeds.

We didn't buy plants because we didn't feel like getting soaked outside but I did buy a catnip-tea planter for Harrison:

And a stand for my birthday present hummingbird feeder.

Then we headed to buy groceries and to Grand River Hospital were I sat on too low benches and a toilet IN THE HANDICAPPED STALL that would be perfect in a junior kindergarten room for height. Also it flushed while I was still sitting down and I was not dawdling. Ahem. Moving along. (See reoccurring low furniture for people with bad knees in hospitals pet peeve.)

I saw my radiation oncologist for hopefully the last time. She's going to consult with my surgeon and another radiation specialist but doesn't think I'll be offered radiation again. That's nice but more about my skin not being able to handle another round than anything else.

My surgeon said a few weeks ago that they're not really offering radiation even once for Vulvar Cancer anymore (now they decide that!) so I'm pretty sure that door will be closed.

I'm not sorry I tried it, would have always wondered what if if I hadn't.

Home again for a big walk. We saw a magnolia tree in bloom down the street so I wanted to get there.

Then the best thing happened. The lady who has the wonderful flower garden across the road was outside and I got to meet her. She said she is okay with me photographing her flowers! I am so excited! It is wonderful to have permission.

I can't wait to see what happens to these white tulips.

And to see what the sun has to say about these.

But today I needed to head on down the road to the magnolia tree. Saw this little couple on the way.

I liked the name of this street. Life is what you see in it.

The little couple on the way home.

Quebec City snow protection innovation reaching us!

The icing on the day was little Tilly running toward me when I got home!

How cool would it be to get one of those all four paws in the air pictures!


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